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Coextrusion high barrier film Die


  • Barrier film die:Max width 3000mm,Max thickness of barrier film 300um.
  • Barrier film die lip adjustment:automatic thickness control system;manual push&pull adjustment.
  • Adjustment for Width of die:adjustment system on line and common adjustment.
  • Flow structure :single manifold die,multimanifold dies with or without feedblock.

* Application of Barrier film: Because of their superior barrier properties, preservation, moisture resistance, oil resistance, heat sealing properties can be cooked ,so the barrier film is widely used in food packaging industry, improving greatly the food fresh and good quality, extend product shelf life.

Because of Multi-layer technology with selected additives, provides the right combination of strength, versatility and light transmission, is used for agricultural Greenhouses.

* Suitable plolymers materials:PE/PP/PA/EVOH
* Versions of film Layers :have
three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine layers
* Layers Structure of film, example:



BOPP film dies

BOPP dies are available in versions that have one, three, four, or five separate distribution channels. Adjustable restrictor bars, as well as fixed distribution bars, are available. The automatic thickness contorl system with 25.4 mm adjusting point centerlines. Multi-layer Feedblock: A variety of distribution block styles are available to provide versatility in the layer arrangements.

BOPET  film dies

BOPET applications are highly specialized. Premium vacuum arc re-melted steel is used to provide the best polishing characteristics. Proprietary manufacturing technology allows for extremely sharp lip edges to prevent die lines. 
Optional Microflex lip design provides tighter gauge resolution when combined with Autoflex adjusting points on 25.4mm centerlines.

For dedicated coextrusion applications with relatively expensive cap layers, the multi-manifold approach is commonly preferred over a single manifold die with a feedblock. Wanlian Extrusion Mould accurate flow channel design uses less of a cap layer, 
providing a rapid return on investment.

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