Extrusion Dies system solution
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Die head uses the dual flow channel structure, the upper die lip and lower die lip can be adjusted and removed. The flexible fine-tuning is designed to allow the product wall thickness error of ± 3% or less.The air distributor plug in die male divided the whole cavity into multiple air feeding zones,air stream along the whole width can be adjusted in short time and to maintain even performance ,can get the even and stable product fast.The die head, extruder along with the auxiliary facilities (such as stock mould, etc) are used for the production of PC、UV + PC、UV + PC+UV、PP、PE、ABS single-layer or multi-layer hollow profile as well as various shapes of hollow profile (thickness of 2mm-45mm) , such as “米”type, X-type, hexagonal-type, honeycomb-type and so on.

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