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deckle systems

Deckling systems:
Deckles are adjustable devices that vary end product width by blocking off portions of the die slot from both ends of the die. We offer a wide range of external and internal fast deckling system & common types .

*The fast deckling system:

can adjust quickly the width range of the die on line,does`t need to stop production, save lots of time and metarial ,and operatiors are absolutely safe

Fast deckle external deckling system .
This deckle type is by sliding cantilevered wedge and used for film dies and sheet dies.

Fast internal deckle for edge profile control.
This deckle type is by full-bore internal or partial internal(lip-land blades) with sliding cantilevered for edge profile control. This system is usually used for film and coating dies.

*Fast internal and external deckles system .

Common decking type:

*fixed-side external deckles

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