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coil mat extrusion die

EVA.PP.PE plastic mattress and pillow extrusion dies
The product is mainly used as core of bed mattress in Europe, USA, Japan, Korea etc. and also several Europe countries use this production as the cushion of pet cage. The product has some advantages such as high strength, good elastic performance, and light in weight.

*PVC single\double colour plastic coil mat extrusion dies

The T-die mainly produces plastic coil mat, called“Baolimei Mat” which used for the auto decoration, hotel decoration, hotel decoration, the living room, bedroom decoration, the square decoration and the like.

Pavement surface in a variety of basic, fast and convenient, not climate, the color does not fade lasting, easy to install any stitching, clean driving into the distance!
It characterizes with a long service life, wearable and easy to clean.And it won’t rot. It can be recycled and forming again. It is environmentally friendly product.

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