Extrusion Dies system solution
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*Die head flow channel form: hanger-style streamlined flow channel design;
*Die lip adjustment method: manual (automatic) full push flexible fine-tuning / manual (auto) push &pull fine-tuning is used for the upper die lip;
*Wide-size adjustment method(Deckle system): fast external deckling system ;internal deckling system
*Single-layer and multi-layer co-extrusion lamination cast films can be produced along with the extruder and compound distributor Feedblock.
Application: CPP、CPE、PP、PE、PR、PVC、EVA、PVB、LDPE、HDPE、TPU 、PR、BOPP、BOPET、PC、PVDF、PA/EVOH cast film type product such as preservative film used for the packing, stationery film, solar cell sealing film, etc.
Applications of products:Used for coating film, breathable film as well as production of the materials in clothing and chilling film,barrier film,agriculture greenhouse,etc.
Die Width:100mm-8000mm

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