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Die lip adjustment method: Automatic push & pull,or push only fine and flexible lip adjusting. The thermal expansion bolt and heaters are used in of well-known European brands. Die body is equipped with the built-in high-quality stainless steel heating rod, to realize the sectional heating, the outer part of the die body is coated with thermal insulation material, the thermal insulation device is installed between the expansion bolt portion and die body, to rapidly and uniformly cool the air, ensuring optimal temperature control of each part. Die head is equipped with the outer block-type or inner block-type wide-size adjusting device that can reduce the thick edge.
Automatic control tuning die head can accurately detect the data feed back from the product, by the automatically horizontal back and forth of the thickness gauge according to the requirements of the actual production. The automatic fine-tuning is conducted by the expansion bolt at each point in the die head fine-tuning device, to rapidly and effectively control the product precision. The qualified products can be rapidly obtained, and the product quality is improved, to save raw materials, and maximize production efficiency.
Application: it is applicable for the production of materials such as PVB、PP、PE、CPP、CPE、LDPE、PC、PVC、TPU、EVA、PR、PC、PET、BOPP、BOPET、PVDF、PA/EVOH cast film or thin sheet.

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